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Learning About The Benefits Of Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses

Hello, my name is Curtis. I am here to talk to you about glasses and contact lenses. Obtaining my first pair of glasses was life changing in so many ways. In some ways, I struggled to fit in with my peers, as many did not wear prescription lenses. In others, I was able to improve my school performance and participate in my favorite hobbies once again. I switched to contacts later in life and experienced even more improvements. I hope you can use the information on my site to embrace your need for prescription contact lenses and eyeglasses. Thank you.

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3 Tips For Reducing Your Risk Of Cataracts

Cataracts are a common occurrence as you grow older. Although there is no way to eliminate your risk of developing cataracts, there are ways you can keep your risk to a minimum and possibly avoid exacerbating the progression of cataracts.

Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

Ultraviolet (UV) light can increase your chances of developing cataracts. To minimize sun exposure, you should invest in sunglasses with UV protection. In general, inexpensive sunglasses provide little protection from the sun. It is better to spend more on a good pair of sunglasses from a reputable manufacturer that offers broad-spectrum protection. Additionally, if you wear prescription glasses, request for the lenses to have a UV coating. Other ways you can protect your eyes from UV light are to wear a hat or visor when you are outdoors. Protecting your eyes is important all year, not just in the summer.

Manage Chronic Diseases

Diabetes is a chronic disease most commonly associated with the increased risk of cataracts. Yearly physicals that include glucose testing is the best way to catch diabetes in the early stages and possibly reverse the disease before it causes damage. Even if you have already been diagnosed with diabetes, doing what you can to maintain blood glucose control can minimize your risk of cataracts and other eye conditions that disproportionately affect diabetics.

In addition to taking your medications regularly and monitoring your blood glucose at home, learning how dietary and exercise choices affect your blood glucose is also important. For example, most people with diabetes may notice engaging in regular exercise not only helps them achieve and maintain a healthy weight, but can make their diabetes medications work better and possibly reduce the amount of medicine they need. Opting for foods low in carbohydrates and/or low on the glycemic index can also be critical for blood glucose control.

Establish An Eye-Healthy Diet

Regardless of your current health, it is never too early to incorporate more eye-healthy foods and nutrients into your diet. Eating an array of colorful foods is one tactic to improve your eye health. Aim to include more fruits and vegetables that include yellow, purple, and orange flesh. The more color in your diet, the more likely the foods contain antioxidants that can help repair cell damage throughout your body. Consider adding a daily supplement to promote eye health. Since it can be difficult to find the perfect supplement, start with a daily multivitamin and add on individual supplements.

Many people will develop cataracts at some point in their life. Reducing your risk factors and having regular eye exams can make it easier to catch problems early before there is obvious changes in your vision. Visit a doctor, like at Budget Optical, for more help.