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Learning About The Benefits Of Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses

Hello, my name is Curtis. I am here to talk to you about glasses and contact lenses. Obtaining my first pair of glasses was life changing in so many ways. In some ways, I struggled to fit in with my peers, as many did not wear prescription lenses. In others, I was able to improve my school performance and participate in my favorite hobbies once again. I switched to contacts later in life and experienced even more improvements. I hope you can use the information on my site to embrace your need for prescription contact lenses and eyeglasses. Thank you.

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3 Keys To Recovering From Lasik Eye Surgery

If you've had vision problems for a long time, getting Lasik surgery may be the best corrective procedure. It corrects vision in most cases. Since it's an extensive procedure, though, you'll want to follow these recovery tips. They'll help you get through this surgery without any hiccups. 

Know What to Expect

So that you're calm and don't irritate your eyes even further after Lasik surgery, you need to know what to expect in terms of after-surgery symptoms. It's fairly common to experience slight blurry vision, at least for the next couple of days. You'll also be extremely sensitive to light.

Your eyes may dry out periodically throughout the day, and there may be some glaring circles when your eyes are exposed to light. These symptoms could last several weeks or several months, depending on your particular body. Just know that these effects are perfectly normal and won't last long-term.

Keep Administering Eye Drops 

After Lasik eye surgery, it's typical for your eyes to dry out. That's because this procedure sometimes cuts nerves in the cornea, which causes your eyes to produce very few tears. You can combat this problem, though, by regularly administering eye drops in both eyes.

It's important to use eye drops that your doctor recommends, and follow their directions exactly as stated. You also need to avoid rubbing your hands in your eyes before applying the drops, as this could cause your eyes to get seriously infected. Try to place the drops in your lower eyelids, and then roll the drops up by tilting your head backward.

Protect Your Eyes 

Since your eyes are going to be sensitive during this recovery process, you need to take proactive measures of keeping them protected. You can do this in a variety of ways. For example, every time you go outside, you can wear a pair of UV-resistant sunglasses. Light sensitivity then won't be as problematic, and wind won't be able to kick up dirt and debris that get into your eyes.

You can also protect your eyes by staying away from certain environments. At all costs, avoid environments where there are dust, smoke, and chemical vapors. They will only irritate your eyes and cause unnecessary aches.

Lasik surgery is a ground-breaking procedure for those looking to improve their vision. For this procedure to be pleasant, though, you need to prepare your eyes accordingly. Follow your doctor's recommendations and take the right measures at home. Contact a clinic, like Idaho Eye and Laser center, for more help.