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Learning About The Benefits Of Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses

Hello, my name is Curtis. I am here to talk to you about glasses and contact lenses. Obtaining my first pair of glasses was life changing in so many ways. In some ways, I struggled to fit in with my peers, as many did not wear prescription lenses. In others, I was able to improve my school performance and participate in my favorite hobbies once again. I switched to contacts later in life and experienced even more improvements. I hope you can use the information on my site to embrace your need for prescription contact lenses and eyeglasses. Thank you.

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Teenagers – Negotiating With Your Parents To Get Contact Lenses

As a teenager, you are coming to the age of responsibility. With responsibility comes the necessity to argue your cases with your parents. If done respectfully, you can communicate with your parents to show them that you are ready for things that they might not think you can handle at this time.

One thing that many teenagers want and parents are hesitant to allow is contact lenses. Glasses can get in the way when you're physically active and they can be not what you need for your social scene. Here, you'll learn a few talking points to show your parents that you really are ready for the responsibility of wearing contact lenses each day.

Financial Aspect

There are several costs associated with wearing contact lenses that you might not be aware of. Yes, you'll have the contact lenses to pay for, but you'll also need a specialized eye exam to measure your eyes and evaluate whether your eyes will do well with contact lenses. This exam comes at an added expense to your yearly exam for glasses.

Now, the supply list. Fortunately, most contact lens care supplies are cheap. You'll need:

  • At least one contact lens storage case
  • Contact lens saline solution
  • Cleaning solution
  • Rewetting drops

Benefits of Contact Lenses

Being prepared to inform your parents of the benefits of wearing contact lenses will go a long way in your discussion.

If you're an athlete, the contact lenses can actually help to protect you from eye and head injuries. When you collide with other athletes, or get hit in the face with a ball, the glasses will be one more thing that can cause injuries. Eliminating the glasses from the impact will reduce the likelihood of injuries – and you won't have to pay to replace the broken glasses.

Improved peripheral vision is another benefit. You know the space around your glasses where you can see, but you can't see clearly because your glasses don't wrap around the side of your head? Well, with contact lenses, you'll be able to see those spaces clearly. This can improve safety while driving and improve your ability to perform in sports.

See an Optometrist

As you talk with your parents, explain to them that you understand that this is a big decision and that you'd like to discuss it further with the optometrist. He or she will help you find the answers to any questions that you have and provide your parents with facts that they can work with.  

Remember, this is meant to be a conversation – not an argument. Maintain control of your temper and emotions and give your parents a chance to work with you to find common grounds regarding you getting your contact lenses.